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SonyLIV in USA

How to Watch SonyLIV in USA with Easy Guide [May 2024]

Is SonyLIV available in USA? Unfortunately, SonyLIV is not available in USA. Due to its geo-restricted streaming platform, you’ll need a premium VPN to bypass restrictions.

Does SonyLIV work in USA? No, SonyLIV does not work in USA. It’s a geo-blocked streaming platform outside India. You can watch SonyLIV in USA by using a Premium VPN.

SonyLIV is the first Indian OTT streaming platform, like Voot, Zee5, and Hotstar. All these channels are accessible only in India. SonyLIV is famous for its original tv series, movies, and Live sports. Sony Pictures Networks own this platform.

How to watch SonyLIV in USA [Quick Guide in 2024]

You can watch SonyLIV in USA with a VPN by following the steps:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and Install its Apps.
  3. Log in VPN app with your credentials.
  4. Connect to an Indian Server.
  5. Visit SonyLIV’s official website or app to get access.

Why do you need a VPN to unblock SonyLIV in USA?

SonyLIV is an internationally accessed website, and due to being geo-blocked, it’s difficult for visitors to unblock platforms outside India. While accessing SonyLIV in USA, you get the following error message on your browser.

We miss you too! Looks like we are not here yet. Sorry, our services are not available in this country. But we’ll be waiting for you with all your favorites back home. See you soon.


SonyLIV Geo-restriction Error in USA

To bypass SonyLIV geo-restrictions and get access to its vast content library with the help of a premium VPN. Following detailed analysis on VPN that can hide your original IP address and physical location and assign you the Indian-based IP address so that you can access SonyLIV in USA.

Best VPN to Watch SonyLIV in USA

I’ve tested many VPNs and found ExpressVPN is the best VPN provider for unblocking SonyLIV in USA.

ExpressVPN – Highly Recommended to Watch SonyLIV in USA

ExpressVPN is the best VPN provider on the internet with its fast speed, reliability, and secrecy. ExpressVPN offers Lightway protocol with high speed and consumes low resources of your devices.

Watch SonyLIV in USA with ExpressVPN

Watch SonyLIV in USA with ExpressVPN

You can use recommended VPN protocol for your network, i.e., IKEv2, L2TP, IPSec, or OpenVPN. Also, you can switch to Lightway protocol from the app’s settings.

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for streaming content on all devices.

ExpressVPN is the #1 VPN service provider in the industry, having servers from 23+ US cities and 3000+ servers in around 94+ countries.

ExpressVPN Pros

  • 3000+ servers worldwide
  • Split tunneling and Internet kill switch for security
  • Strong encryption
  • MediaStreamer
  • 5 Multi logins
  • Lightway Protocol
  • Strict No-log policy
  • Secure and reliable mobile apps
  • Jurisdiction: British Virgin Island
  • Not in 5 Eyes, 9 Eyes, and 14 Eyes alliances
  • 30-day Money-back guarantee

ExpressVPN Cons

  • Expensive in price
  • Slow speeds with OpenVPN

Can I use a Free VPN to Watch SonyLIV in USA?

You cannot use a free VPN to watch SonyLIV in USA. Because free VPNs cannot bypass SonyLIV geo-restrictions and cannot breach firewall security.

Mostly, free VPNs can infect your device with malware and collect your online activities and personal data to sell it.

How to subscribe to SonyLIV in USA?

To get a subscription from SonyLIV in USA, you’ll need an Indian mobile number, email address, or social media account for the registration process. If you don’t have an Indian mobile number so, don’t worry. Follow the steps.

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and Install its Apps.
  3. Log in VPN app with your credentials.
  4. Connect to an Indian Server.
  5. Visit the SonyLIV website and click on “Sign in Now.”
  6. Enter your email address or sign in with a Social media account.
  7. Wait for the confirmation code. Once you receive the confirmation code, click on the link and confirm the code to proceed.
  8. After confirmation, you’ll see the Subscription plan. Select any which suits you.
  9. Select payment methods like Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, or LazyPay and process the payment process.
  10. After selecting your subscription plan and payment method, you can now access SonyLIV in USA.

How much does SonyLIV Cost outside India?

SonyLIV offers 3 subscription plans to its subscribers. You can buy a SonyLIV subscription from anywhere by using a premium VPN.

  1. LIV Premium
    • INR 299/m or $3.65
    • INR 699/6-m or $8.53
    • INR 999/y or $12.19
  1. LIV Special+
    • INR 399/m or $4.87 (No Ads)
    • INR 199/m or $2.43 (With Ads)
  1. WWE Network:
    • INR 299/m or $3.65

SonyLIV Channels outside India

20+ Live channels are available on SonyLIV in USA.

  1. SET HD
  2. MAX SD
  3. PIX HD
  5. AXN
  6. TEN
  7. SIX
  8. WAH
  9. SAB HD
  10. SONY MAX

Compatible Devices to watch SonyLIV in USA

Following are the devices that are compatible with watching SonyLIV in USA:

  1. Android
  2. Windows
  3. iOS
  4. Mac
  5. Apple TV
  6. Smart TV
  7. Roku
  8. Xfinity TV
  9. Chromecast
  10. Fire TV
  11. Xbox
  12. Play Station
  13. Amazon Firestick

What to Watch on SonyLIV in USA?

Following is some of the best content to watch on SonyLIV in USA:

  • Girl’s Hostel
  • Piku
  • Bahubaali 1-2
  • Ghar ki Murghi
  • Bahubali 2
  • Aamis
  • Green Book
  • Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story
  • 1917
  • Gullak
  • Bhonsle
  • Maharani
  • JL50
  • Jersey
  • Piku
  • Karan Arjun
  • 1917
  • Pineapple Express
  • Ghost in the Shell
  • The Girl on the Train
  • The Kapil Sharma Show
  • Indian Idol
  • Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah
  • CID
  • Crime Patrol Satark
  • College Romance
  • The Pitchers
  • A Girls
  • India’s Best Dancer
  • Baalveer Returns

FAQs on SonyLIV in USA


How can I watch SonyLIV for free?

You can watch SonyLIV for free. Fortunately, SonLIV has a free plan with an ad-supported. With this plan, you can only access limited content. Or you can subscribe it’s a premium subscription which is cheap and unblocks the entire content library with the help of a premium VPN.

Is SonyLIV app available in USA?

No, SonyLIV app is not available in USA. But you can download SonyLIV app in USA by using a VPN.

Can I watch SonyLIV outside India?

Yes, you can watch SonyLIV in USA from anywhere by using a premium VPN with Indian servers.


If you are a moviegoer and want to watch SonyLIV in USA using a premium VPN, you can watch SonyLIV from anywhere. Due to licensing agreements and content copyrights, SonyLIV is geo-restricted and unavailable outside India.

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